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How often should we change our toothbrushes?

Dental hygienist Aiko Fukuda

Hello I am Fukuda, Dental hygienist of Azabu Tokyo Dental Clinic.


Some patient ask us “How often should we change our tooth brushes?”

We recommend that you change your toothbrush every 4 weeks.

If you brush your teeth with worn or widen bristles, it will be difficult to remove tartar completely.
Also, using the same moist toothbrush for a long time may allow bacteria to proliferate.
Personally, I replace my toothbrush at least once a month.



Aiko Fukuda, Dental Hygienist


Azabu Tokyo Dental Clinic

Tooth Whitening Coordinator, Japan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

Member, Japan Society of Periodontology

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